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Sebastian Schlesiger



curriculum vitae

  • born in 1991
  • studies of law at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen
  • legal trainee at the Kassel Regional Court with stations at the Kassel Local Court and the Gießen Regional Council
  • administrative Lawyer at the Frankfurt am Main Police Headquarters


areas of law

  • marriage and family
  • public authorities and administration
  • residential property and rent


main areas of interest and activity

  • family law (in particular divorce, child maintenance, separation maintenance, post-marital spousal maintenance, custody, rights of access, distribution of household effects, equalisation of gains, equalisation of pensions)
  • administrative law (in particular general law on the prevention of danger, public liability and other claims for reimbursement under public law, background checks)
    tenancy law



  • german bar association
  • Waldshut bar association
  • Lörrach bar association



foreign languages

  • English
  • Spanish
office Sebastian Schlesiger
Esther Wittke

Esther Wittke

geprüfte Rechtsfachwirtin
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