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commercial legal protection

We advise companies and private individuals in the field of intellectual property law.

In addition to intellectual property issues in all their facets, this primarily includes competition law and antitrust law.

Industrial property rights, for example in the field of trade mark law, are important cornerstones of the economic success of many companies. The same applies to technical rights, especially patents. They are particularly relevant in digital industries as well as for companies, start-ups and founders active in development. We represent our clients in all issues in this area: from the conception of protection strategies to disputes and warnings to the drafting of licence agreements. Of course, we are also available for international matters. Closely related to this is copyright law, in which we also represent consumers. Our services are always available to intellectual property owners as well as to companies and individuals who are confronted with third-party claims against them.

In the area of competition law, for example, we advise on issues relating to marketing concepts and advertising measures as well as internet presences, in particular online shops. This includes not only preventive clarifications, but also the defence against cease-and-desist letters and the enforcement of our own cease-and-desist claims. Our experts are also happy to assist in flanking areas of law such as the law on the advertising of medicinal products, electrical law or media law.

In Baden-Württemberg, as a state of “hidden champions”, particular importance is attached to antitrust law advice on mergers and cooperations between companies. Regulations in this area can already be relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises. In such projects, we ensure that these regulatory conditions are complied with and that unpleasant consequences are avoided.

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