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International Law

The lawyers at Seidler & Kollegen have always been intensively involved in cross-border matters, not least due to their location in the border triangle of France, Switzerland and Germany.

Seidler & Kollegen offers traditional German small and medium-sized enterprises, which are locally rooted but globally active, experienced companions in international business transactions, be it in the drafting of supply contracts, in the structuring of cross-border groups of companies or in the securing or enforcement of claims abroad.

Entrepreneurs from Switzerland will find qualified contacts for their activities in Germany on all legal issues and experienced companions on very practical questions of settlement, in particular also in dealing with authorities.

In the field of inheritance law, cross-border issues are playing an increasingly important role. The specialist lawyers at Seidler & Kollegen have been handling inheritance cases and succession arrangements with an international dimension for many years and can draw on a broad pool of experience and knowledge.

Finally, the high number of cross-border commuters in the region means that the firm’s employment lawyers are not only active nationally, but also across borders, especially in Switzerland.

In all cases, a tried and tested network of local partner lawyers abroad is available should the need arise.

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