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Home ownership and rent

It goes without saying that our advisory services also include legal support in tenancy and condominium law.

In the area of commercial tenancy law, we represent landlords and tenants comprehensively in the interest-oriented drafting of tenancy agreements, the negotiation and agreement of any addenda thereto and, in the event of a dispute, in all questions concerning the term, warranty, payment of rent, termination, eviction and settlement.

We represent landlords of flats against the defaulting tenant, including termination and eviction, as well as when issuing a notice of termination for personal use or realisation or when defending against unjustified rent reductions.

Due to our ongoing representation of several large housing companies, we usually only represent the interests of landlords in residential tenancy law.

In the area of condominium law, our work begins with the careful and fair drafting of declarations of partition, continues with the purchase or sale of a property under construction or already completed, and ends with questions concerning the use of the property.

Contact for condominium ownership and rent

Sebastian Seidler

Sebastian Seidler

Euphemia Kiefer

Euphemia Kiefer

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