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Marriage and family

Prevention is also worthwhile in family law. A prenuptial agreement may not be very romantic, but it provides security and clarity in case of an eventuality and can make a decisive contribution to avoiding litigation. For entrepreneurs it is mandatory – in the interest of the business and ultimately also of the family that lives from the business.

In the event of a crisis or separation, our family lawyers are strong partners who will look after your interests and, if necessary, those of your children. We offer not only
conflict and separation counselling with regard to maintenance, divorce and parental care; together with our clients, we settle all matters that need to be considered when a partnership breaks up. Wherever possible, we seek amicable solutions with our clients. If this is not successful, we represent your interests in court.

With two female specialist lawyers and one male specialist lawyer in family law, Seidler & Kollegen offers a concentration of family law competence and experience that is exceptional in the region.

Contact for marriage and family

Euphemia Kiefer

Euphemia Kiefer

Björn Tesche

Björn Tesche

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